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K¹² International Academy Students Share Summer Plans

K¹² International Academy Students Share Summer Plans

By Jessica Sullivan

June 21st!! The *official* first day of summer! I don’t know about you, but I am so excited!

What is the best thing about summer? Is it the long hot days? Is it the lazy hours spent by the pool? Or is it the cookouts (pig pickins’ as we call them in North Carolina)? I’m not exactly sure what the best thing is about summer, but there is always excitement in the air.

Here at K12 International Academy, while we are a year around school, a lot of our students take a break for the summer months and enjoy their respite from school work. I decided to poll my students to see how they planned to enjoy the summer months, and I received some really awesome responses.

One student of mine is planning to spend her summer creating a new video game with her friend. How cool is that?! What amazing technology we have available that you can create your very own video game. I’m not sure what type of game she is creating, but I sure hope it’s along the lines of Mario Kart as that is just my speed….get it? Speed? Hahaha!

Another student of mine is planning on competing in tennis tournaments across the country. I tell ya – we have some AMAZING athletes here at K12 International Academy and I have the pleasure of teaching a lot of them. It is so cool to be able to spend time training and competing in a sport that you love. I’m sure it also helps that they are also good at it. 😉 Good luck to all our student athletes in their competitions!

I received several other responses including writing a novel, working on various crafts, and making music. The creativity of our students never stops–I am so impressed with how my students are going to be spending their summer months!

As for me, I don’t have any big plans for the summer….clearly I’m slacking. However, I do plan to spend as much time with my husband and our dog, Dolly, as I can. Long walks in the woods, pig pickins’ in the evening, and nights out at the local minor league baseball games.

No matter what your plans are. I wish everyone a very relaxing, but yet exciting, summer! Enjoy those long hot days as much as possible…We will be back to school before we know it!

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