K¹² International Academy Student Places Best in Show in K¹² 9th Annual Art Competition

Annabella B. Grade 6, Dance Hero

My dance teacher, Ms. Donna, is someone I consider a hero. She inspires me and lots of other students. I chose her because I love to dance, and she has taught me a lot about how to be the best I can be.”

K¹² International Academy Student Places Best in Show in K¹² 9th Annual Art Competition

This year’s 9th annual K¹² Art Competition was quite a success! They received many wonderful pieces of artwork from students in grades K–12 showing off their artistic abilities.

Feel free to view our online collection of participants and see the fantastic submissions received this year.

If you submitted a story for your student, you should have received a participant certificate. If you missed it, you can download your certificate of participation, print it, personalize it by filling in your artist’s name, and pin it somewhere in your home to encourage their artistic talent.

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Talented Students Win Art Competition.

K¹² International Academy Student Offers Tips on Dealing with Failure

Dealing with Failure

By Janelle Chuah

Failure: it is a word that carries a negative atmosphere, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Failure is not an easy thing to accept, but since we experience failure as part of the learning process, we should learn to deal with it to make the best out of it. As a senior, I have experienced failure in many of my courses. For example, when I do terribly on a test or get a bad grade on a written assignment. Though it is difficult to accept the fact that the bad grade affects our chances of earning a certain grade in the course, we should try to view the failure as a learning experience.

One day, as I was browsing the Internet for some inspirational quotes, I came across a quote which I found really motivational,

“Write it as a failure, but read it as an experience. – Unknown”

In other words, we can’t change the result of an event, but we can change how we view that event.

The moment you find out that the result is not something you expected, you feel disappointment. Even moments later, that feeling might still linger in your heart. Though it is alright to feel that way, you should try not to keep that feeling in your heart too long because it can affect your work in the future and your attitude overall. What you want to try to do is quickly move on from that event. One thing I do to move on is to I tell myself,

“There’s nothing you can change about it”,

“What’s been done is done”,

“Let’s make the best of the remaining opportunities/quizzes/tests.”

Basically, what I try to do is focus my mind to look forward and picture a bright future instead of lingering in the past and reminding myself of my failures.

Everyone experiences failure and if you deal with it correctly, it can change from being your breaking point to your stepping stone. Don’t ever feel like your future is gone based on a few events. Simply think about it this way, that one event of failure is just a tiny spot on the timeline of your line. Instead of thinking about that failure, think about the remaining parts of your timeline that you can fill with success. I learned in sociology that many teens failed to see the bigger picture in life which is why they are usually not able to accept failure easily. The ability to look at things from a bigger perspective isn’t entirely impossible for a teenager to acquire, but it takes time and experience to develop which is why as we grow up, we mature in our perspective. If you are currently feeling as though you are in a slump like everything is going wrong, do not worry and simply take things one at a time. Try your best, take pride in your work, learn from your mistakes, and look towards a bright future!

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Chris Evert Keynotes Graduation Ceremony for K12 International Academy Class of 2014

Chris Evert Keynotes Graduation Ceremony for K12 International Academy Class of 2014

Tennis pro lauds online school graduates in virtual live-streamed ceremony

HERNDON, Va., July 3, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — K12 International Academy, an accredited, online private school open to students in grades K-12 worldwide, honored its graduates during a 2014 ceremony that occurred last Friday, June 27. Unlike traditional graduation ceremonies, this one took place virtually and was live-streamed from K12‘s headquarters in Herndon, Va. The keynote speech was provided by renowned tennis player Chris Evert. More than 130 students were honored for their scholastic achievement and awarded their diplomas during the live-streamed event.

Students and families who logged in early were greeted with a prelude of student artwork and music, until commencement began at 11 a.m. At that time the ceremony kicked off with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Lt. Colonel White, a recently retired United States Air Force pilot and the father of K12 student Madeline White.

Succeeding Lt. Colonel White was his daughter, Madeline White, who led her class in the National Anthem. A top student, Madeline enrolled at K12 during its first year as a curriculum provider. Madeline and K12 began their educational journey together, and now many years later, Madeline says she is happy to have received such an incredible education, which has given her the flexibility to pursue her numerous outside interests. While enrolled at K12 International Academy, Madeline participated in a partnership between the school and University of Maryland University College, which allowed her to earn multiple credits toward her higher education. This fall, she will be attending the College of William and Mary, where she hopes to study International Relations and participate in a study abroad program at St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Keynote speaker Chris Evert addressed students and their families during the online ceremony. The winner of 18 Grand Slam titles and former No. 1 player in the world, Evert made her mark as one of the premiere women athletes of all time at a very young age. Voted the AP “Female Athlete of the Year” on four occasions and the recipient of numerous other awards, Evert was inducted, unanimously, into the Tennis Hall of Fame in 1995. She has also been rated No. 50 among all North American Athletes of the 20th century by a worldwide vote of sports journalists. Since retiring from the courts in 1989, Evert has devoted her time to her family, her charity, which has raised over $22 million for at-risk women and children, and the Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton, Florida.

Do Hee Kim, Valedictorian of the Class of 2014, and Olivia Konen, Salutatorian of this year’s graduating class, were honored during an awards presentation by Miriam Rube, Head of School at K12 International Academy.

The ceremony culminated with the presentation of diplomas and closing remarks Rube. “We are those who built the bridge. We are those who mend the cracks that wear with age. You are charged with reaching a goal beyond the trespass. You learned with no walls and no bells. You established relationships with no borders. If the world would act upon your example of study, peace would be more readily attainable.”

While the accomplishment of a high school diploma is an achievement in itself, the vast majority of students from the K12 International Academy Class of 2014 have chosen to take their studies to the next level. This year’s graduating class has been accepted to more than 100 colleges and universities, including College of William and Mary, Arts Educational Schools London, Loyola University, Drexel University, Emerson College, Hofstra University, University of Pittsburgh, Louisiana Tech University, United States Naval Academy, Trinity University, University of Edinburgh, Pepperdine University, McGill University and more. Combined, the Class of 2014 earned $709,715 in scholarships for the 2014-2015 school year.

K12 International Academy is home to a diverse population of students spanning the globe. Students interact and develop relationships with their peers around the world with varied interests and talents. Class Connects, Virtual Field Trips, clubs, and College Counseling sessions are only a few examples of where these connections are made and established for our students, their teaches and academic coaches,” said Rube. “With shared experiences their differences are celebrated and they find common ground in their future plans and life goals. The atmosphere we create aligns with the mission of K12 and the International Academy as we are committed to bringing individualized learning to all kinds of minds, and removing barriers that keep children from reaching their true potential. This global perspective will hopefully translate in their lives after graduation, as they meet and interact with others around the world.”

K12 International Academy educators provide the individualized learning tools students need including instruction, guidance, and support, and they regularly interact with students and parents via e-mail, web-based classrooms, online discussions, phone, and face-to-face meetings. “Our approach is to implement best practices in teaching focused on student learning and outcomes that move children forward,” said Rube. “Well beyond students’ graduation, our faculty and support staff are committed to serving as guides to a lifetime of learning.”

K12 International Academy
The K12 International Academy from K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN), the nation’s largest provider of proprietary curriculum and online education programs, is an accredited private online school with an individualized approach to learning that frees children to reach their full potential. With award-winning curriculum, an amazing support team, and an energetic school community, we help students around the world in grades K-12 learn in the ways that are right for them, nurturing a joy for learning and a passion to pursue their interests. More information can be found at http://www.icademy.com.

Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP7dg2dzkF0

SOURCE K12 International Academy


K12 International Academy Now Enrolling Students Worldwide for its Summer School Program

Father’s Day at the K¹² International Academy


Father’s Day at the K¹² International Academy

By Roey Hilliard

If you were like me you could have, and possibly did, spend hours scrolling through the pictures of father’s on Facebook, and Twitter this weekend. It made me think about the many father’s here at K¹² International Academy–They have added yet another job to their list of Daddy duties, a learning coach. Many of the Father’s here at K¹² International Academy have found time in their schedule to either help Mom with a particular academic subject after work, or, in some cases have taken the lead in helping to coach their child to success along with their teachers. These extraordinary Dad’s may manage multiple children while holding down an office job, or juggling work while at home. One of our Dad’s, a soldier overseas, offers help via Skype every night not just for his child but also his wife who is working with our award winning curriculum and speaks English as a second language.

The role of the Father is often overlooked in the virtual classroom, and this Father’s day, here at K¹² International Academy, we salute you! Happy Father’s day to our K¹² International Academy Dad’s!

Video by familyshare.com

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The History of Flag Day

The History of Flag Day

By Roey Hilliard

With the fourth of July right around the corner, soon there will be nothing but stars and stripes celebrated and shared on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Everyone will be wearing clothing and buying up fireworks to celebrate our Nations independence.

But what is Flag Day? In 1916 we marked June 14 as the day to celebrate our Nations Flag and adopt the stars and stripes forever.

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K¹² International Academy Student Pays Tribute to World War II Veteran & Grandfather

He was Your Mother’s Father

By Mike Weinstein

“He was your mother’s father”
That’s all that I was told
Of the young man pictured by the tank
In Europe’s snow and cold.

He dreamed of building bridges
That spanned the waters wide
Yet when his country called him,
He put his dreams aside.

The men called him Captain,
As he led the tank brigade
Into the Nazi’s war of hell
In Belgium’s frozen glade.

His life-long friend
killed by his side
He could not pause to grieve
The tank guns roared endlessly
Until at last they ceased.

The Allies won the battle long.
He then could mourn his friend.
The soldiers and their armored beasts
Turned east toward Hitler’s den.

In early spring of forty-five,
Troops halted their fast pace
And viewed the bloody handiwork
Of the Aryan master race.

The bodies were not soldiers
Innocent, one and all
Yet they lay upon the ground
Behind barbed wire so tall.

The war was finally over
Some soldiers did come back
The Captain built bridges long and wide
That spanned the waters black.

The Captain married his only love.
A family he did raise.
He never spoke of war again
Nor of his soldier days.

After forty years had passed,
Cancer struck and slayed
The Captain who served his country well
And was so strong and brave.

“He was your mother’s father”
That young man in the snow,
Who lived and died with courage,
A man I would never know.

Mike made the following video slide show as a Christmas present for his grandmother in 2010. She and his grandfather had been married for 44 years before he died in 1991, and she had been a widow for almost 20 years by then. Grandma had given Mike his grandfather’s Army trunk the previous year. It had not been opened by anyone since 1946. When he opened the trunk in 2009, he discovered a trove of World War II treasures – hundreds of pictures, a detailed diary, a complete dress uniform, a combat helmet, medals, and many other items from a time never imagined by people my age. Slowly, Mike pieced together the numerous battles fought by the 4th Armored Division and their inadvertent discovery of a concentration camp in Germany. The last part of the video shows Mike’s grandfather as an old man, more than 40 years after the war ended, as he raised the American flag at his house, and then on the 40th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge tour in Bastogne, Belgium.

Mike Weinstein is a graduating Senior at K¹² International Academy and one of teachers shared this about Mike:

I was both humbled and honored by the opportunity to be involved with such a moving project. Mike is one of the brightest and most insightful students that I have had during my teaching career. He has a very bright future ahead and I know that he will do wonderful things at Texas A&M and beyond.  ~Anthony Neely

For more information on this story visit Mike’s website HERE



Building Connections in a Virtual School


Building Connections in a Virtual School

By Jessica Sullivan

When I became a K¹² International Academy online teacher, one of the things I was afraid I would miss most about being in front of a traditional classroom was the connections that can be created when teachers and students are in a classroom together.  As a teacher and a coach, I was able to connect with my students on various levels whether it is through course content, the funny stories that showed their personalities, or helping them achieve their goals as athletes.

As a teacher, those connections are what meant the most to me about being involved with students.  Yes, test scores matter and of course, educating the future of our nation, but on a personal level, being able to connect with a student means so much more. What really makes me enjoy my job are the students that I get to meet and talk to each day!

When you realize that students trust you enough to tell you how they are feeling, when they come to you with problems or issues they are having, that shows they know that you care. And you know what? That’s the most important thing…that they know we care.  That someone cares.  No matter what their home life is, whether or not they have a good support system at home or not, students respond the most when they know you care about what is going on with them…that you care about what they are going through now and about how they can prepare for the future.

So, when I became a K¹² International Academy virtual teacher, I made it my mission to not lose out on those connections.  I think no matter if you are a teacher or a student, sometimes being in an online environment can make you feel alone.  But never fear fellow “onliners” – you are not alone and you can create those connections.

Be sure to check our school calendar for upcoming clubs and virtual fields trips!

Are you interested in seeing some virtual field trips past and present?  Check out our Pinterest Board!

The students (and teachers) here at iCademy are just as eager to engage as in a traditional classroom!  We are still proud of our students when they succeed, and are there for them when they did not do their best.

LISTEN UP STUDENTS: Your teachers want to get to know you! We want to learn about your hobbies and things you like to do.  We want to know if you are really excited about an upcoming trip, or that you want to be a veterinarian when you grow up.

Why, you say? Because YOU are what makes our job enjoyable! YOU are the reason we get up to work every day! YOU make our job not just a job, but a privilege.

So students and teachers, here is your challenge!  Strive every day to learn something new about your “counterpart.”  Even if the only thing you have in common is your love of dogs, then that is a start!  That is how we build relationships in an online environment, and that is how we make learning meaningful!

Challenge Accepted?!?!?!