K12 International Academy Now Enrolling Students Worldwide for its Summer School Program

K12 International Academy Now Enrolling Students Worldwide for its Summer School Program

HERNDON, Va., June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — K12 International Academy, an accredited, online private school open to students in grades K-12 worldwide, is now enrolling students for its summer school program. K12 International Academy’s summer school program gives high school students the opportunity to keep learning even when school is not in session. It offers them a chance to catch up on missed credits, get ahead for next year, prepare for the transition from middle to high school with summer immersion, learn a new language, or explore career-building electives or personal enrichment courses, all without the distractions of their regular school day.

With 35 different courses available, K12 International Academy offers a variety of online courses specifically designed for the summer months. The extensive schedule includes courses in English, history, math, science, world languages, and electives, so kids can choose what best fits their needs. Summer courses are offered in four terms beginning in June and July:

Summer A
Term 1 June 4 – July 1
Term 2 June 18 – July 15

Summer B
Term 1 July 9 – August 5
Term 2 July 23 – August 19

K12 International Academy is built on strong relationships – among classmates, between teacher and student and teacher and parent – that help the school community connect with one another regardless of location. Unlike most other schools, K12 International Academy offers year-round enrollment and starting opportunities. Throughout the course of the year, students can enroll full-time or in any of the school’s individual courses.

"The unique experience offered to students enrolled at K12 International Academy affords them an insight and understanding in their varied environments that extends beyond classroom walls and the traditional school day," said Miriam Rube, Head of School at K12 International Academy. "Whether students stay with us a semester or through their graduation, our faculty and support staff are committed to serving as guides to a lifetime of learning."

The school’s faculty comprises of a group of dedicated, certified teachers, counselors and academic coaches with experience in both the brick-and-mortar and online school environments. K12 International Academy educators provide the individualized learning tools students need including instruction, guidance, and support, and they regularly interact with students and parents via e-mail, web-based classrooms, online discussions, phone, and face-to-face meetings. "Our approach is to implement best practices in teaching focused on student learning and outcomes that move children forward," said Rube.

"Our summer school courses allow young people to continue engaging in educational activities year-round; and thanks to our customized online learning platform, they can do so with a flexibility that allows them to still enjoy all of the other perks that are custom to the season," said Rube.

Call 866.529.0167 to enroll your child today and keep the learning momentum going. For a full list of courses and term schedules, or to learn more about K12 International Academy’s summer school program, visit www.k12.com/Summer2014.

K12 International Academy is also currently enrolling full-time and part-time students for its six fall semesters. A full calendar of summer and fall terms can be found at http://www.icademy.com/admissions/enrollment-calendar.

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