5 Back To School “Life Hacks” for Virtual School


5 Back To School “Life Hacks” for Virtual School

By Anna Peacock-McLaughlin

You are awesome! You’ve decided to be part of our virtual school family! Our lives are different than those of our “brick and mortar” counterparts. We are a virtual school, and we need our very own set of back to school life hacks to make a smooth transition from summer play mode back to school.

  1. Make an “every day” schedule for yourself with alarms in your phone.

Yes, your online school will populate with your assigned tasks…but it’s up to you to make sure they are all checked off daily. Make a plan for your day. Here is an example:

  • 7am Wakeup, eat, take a bike ride.
  • 8am Math
  • 10 min break
  • 9am English
  • 10 min break
  • 11am History
  • Break for lunch/siesta
  • 1pm Science and Electives
  • 2pm afternoon activity
  • 7pm prep for tomorrow, check kmail, meet with your Learning Coach to make sure all daily tasks are complete
  1. Place your phone in the kitchen so that every time your alarm goes off, you have to get up to get it–just like you are switching classes. Change location with your laptop. Head to the living room, then to the dining room, and don’t forget your hammock outside!
  2. Set up a “school station’’.” in your home.

Ok. Let’s admit that none of us work at a desk sitting in a chair all day…but it’s nice to have a desk to keep your school books, notebooks your laptop and the oh, so important charging station for your computer, phone and other devices ;)!

  1. Place a pitcher of water and a glass by your work station. When your pitcher is gone–you’ve done well!
  2. Take breaks often to jump, dance, move, take the trash out, walk the dog, etc. Pick a song. Play it loudly in your school space. And when the song is over, get back to work.

Hope these awesome back to school life hacks for virtual school help you have an awesome start to the year! Please share your own virtual school life hacks in the comments below!




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