Jane Swift Keynotes Graduation Ceremony for K12 International Academy Class of 2015


By Miriam Rube

K12 International Academy Commencement Program 2015

K12 International Academy is home to a diverse population of students. Our students span the globe.  Students interact and develop relationships with their peers around the world with varied interests and talents.  Class Connects, Virtual Field Trips, clubs, and College Counseling sessions are only a few examples of where these connections are made and established for our students, their teachers and academic coaches.  With shared experiences their differences are celebrated and find common ground in their future plans and life goals.  The atmosphere we create aligns with the mission of k12 and the International Academy as we are committed to bringing individualized learning to all kinds of minds, and removing barriers that keep children from reaching their true potential.  This global perspective will hopefully translate in their lives after graduation, as they meet and interact with others around the world.  We were fortunate to have an exceptional advocate for children joining us on our graduation day.

Jane Swift earned her place in history as the first woman to serve as Governor of Massachusetts and as the first governor in our nation’s history to give birth while in office – to twin girls.  Swift’s term as Governor capped more than a decade in public service as a state senator, a lieutenant governor, a cabinet secretary and a governor. Today, Swift is the Chief Executive Officer of Middlebury Interactive Languages, LLC.  Middlebury Interactive is a joint venture between K12, Inc., the largest virtual school provider in the United States, and Middlebury College.  Middlebury Interactive provides exceptionally high quality world language learning programs, on line and in person, to the Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade market.  Swift currently serves on the boards of Suburban Propane (SPH), Sally Ride Science, and the Inclusion Advisory Council for Deloitte and Touche.

Swift has been featured on national television programs such as 60 Minutes, The Early Show on CBS, The Today Show on NBC, The View on ABC, and Inside Politics on CNN. Glamour magazine once declared her “One of 11 Women Who Could Change the Country.”

Swift, who has received seven honorary doctorates and numerous awards, received a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies from Trinity College, in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1987.  She is currently the Class of 1948 Distinguished Lecturer in Leadership Studies at Williams College.  She lives in Shelburne, Vermont with her husband, Chuck, and their three teenage daughters.

This year’s Valedictorian is Haley J. Justice.

Haley Justice is a graduating senior with K12 International Academy.  In addition to studying with K12 International Academy, she is a jazz and contemporary dance trainee with the Joffrey Ballet School in NYC, New York.  Haley’s passions include dance, fitness, travel, and cooking.

After graduation she will be attending Kingston University in England to study dance.  For her future, Haley intends to combine her academic excellence with her passion for leading an active lifestyle.  Haley’s ultimate goal is to financially support herself with a fulfilling and flexible fitness career; one that allows her to enjoy global travel while giving back to the community.

See what all of our International Academy students have planned after graduation.

If you enjoyed this video click HERE to see our International Academy Students in action.  To view the entire recorded graduation ceremony click HERE

Congratulations class of 2015!

Interested in seeing last year’s keynote speaker click HERE



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