K¹² International Academy wins big with Poetry


This year’s poetry contest was quite a success! The theme was “Smiles and Laughter Poetry,” and we received more than 1,000 poems from students in grades K–12 that demonstrate their poetic genius and creativity.

Our school winners:

Hafsah Peracha 1st place Grade 2

What Makes Me Happy By Hafsah P. I like to make a goal Across the North Pole My favorite part Of the day Is when I play I love it when it snows Drink the hot chocolate And make the funny Snowman’s nose I love to eat healthy food Because it makes my mom In good mood I like to ride in convertible car While eating A yummy chocolate bar I like to see a huge bear Sitting on Top of the brown pear I love to visit New York City Because the view is So pretty!

Khadija Jameel 3rd place Grade 7

“Hidden Beauty” A star, lit up or falling, A candle in a sky twinkling. Dawn, the sun rising slowly, Soft morning hues mingling. My cat, yawning, spreading his paws For me to rub his fur. His upturned stomach just white and gold fluff, Vibrating with a contented purr. A stallion, build strong yet coat satin. Hoofs beating, mane sailing behind. Forests, mountains, seas, lakes, and rivers – Whatever nature gives me to find. The warmth of a friend, and the joy Of a joke or a secret shared. Poetry, peace, and perfection. Life or freedom spared. Discovery, love, and happiness. A comical coincidence. Awe, life, color and snow. Silent, lonely quiescence. This is what the world is made of, like a mosaic, Tile after glimmering tile. This is beauty. This is what makes me laugh Or what makes me smile.

You can view our online collection of participants and see the fantastic submissions we received this year.

If you submitted a poem, you can download your certificate of participation, print it, personalize it by filling in your poet’s name, and pin it somewhere in your home to encourage more writing.

This story was first featured in Learning Liftoff–To read more about the contest and get a list of all winners click HERE

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