K¹² International Academy Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

K¹² International Academy Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

By Janelle Chuah

How has your teacher(s) impacted your life? If I were to answer that question exactly and specifically, it would at least three pages, single spaced, (no exaggeration intended J). However, the objective of this post is not to tell stories, it is to inform my teachers that I appreciate all they have invested into my life throughout my high school years. Teachers are often taken advantage of and underestimated, but truly, what they do is life-changing. Teachers prepare us for the future, whether that is college, military, or working. They mold our minds, hearts, and personality.

Many times, when I communicate with my teachers, I learn life lessons that I know I will keep with me for the rest of my life. One of the most significant lessons I learned from a teacher was to know that I cannot get everything right all the time. In other words, failure is part of nature. I was in a study hall session to review my quiz mistakes and I spoke to my teacher about how I was so frustrated with myself because I would often get 4/5 but rarely 5/5. My teacher’s comforting words made me feel proud of myself and know that at least I scored some points. My teacher changed my perspective on grades and influenced me to take pride in my work, where necessary.

Another lesson I learned from my teachers was everyone goes through hardships. As a student, or rather a teenager, I tend to think that my problems are the worst in the world. Sometimes, I also think that the reason why I experience hardship is because I am not good enough. However, when I hear from my teachers that they struggled during their high school years, I discover, “hey, I am not that bad. “ Right now, I am taking AP US History and there are moments when I regret enrolling in the course. I tell APUSH teacher about how difficult it is and in response, she said that she had a similar experience when she took that course. It is a simple response, but it boosted my confidence and made me think, “if my teacher struggled before and now she’s an amazing history teacher, then I can get through this and become someone as awesome as her!”

Teachers are more than educators; they are mentors, a source of wisdom, and just fantastic people to be around. To all teachers, on behalf of the students at K12 International Academy, HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!

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