Follow K¹² International Academy Students as they travel together through Rome

we are in the Caput Mundi : Roma , the capital of the world .

So it was once upon a time when the Roma itself meant civilization. We are also excited to discover more about this place. In the morning we visited the Vatican , a foreign country. This tiny independent country , contained entirely in Rome , has its own postal system, armed guards , helipad , mini train station and radio station. Small as it is , Vatican city has one huge sight: St. peters basilica. Perhaps there is no instance in western architecture of a building achieving such an arousing success as St. Peters basilica . after launch we drove to the coliseum and Roma forum. The Flavius Amphitheatre is the biggest and most imposing in the roman world , but it is also the most famous monument in tome and it is known as the Coliseum or coliseum. started by emperor Vespasian of the Flavian family , it was opened by its son Titus in 80AD. we have learn that the highly ostentatious opening ceremony lasted one hundred days during which people saw great fights , shows and hunts involving the killing of thousands of animals ( 9000 some say) . For the opening the arena space was filled with water for one of the most fantastic events held in roman times, naumachias _ real sea battles reproducing great battles of the past. the coliseum is one of the most imposing ancient structures. We imagined it all white , completely covered in splendid travertine stone labs . we are in love with Rome … not to mention that we have become experts in ordering gelato!

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