4 K¹² International Academy Happy Ending Tips

Make Your Own Happy Ending

By Janelle Chuah

Finally, it is January and this means that the fall terms are ending soon. By now, you might not feel the same excitement as you did during the first week of your term but hang in there, because you are so close to finishing your first semester! Do not give up because your actions determine how your semester will end. Good or bad, it is up to you. As a senior, I have had my fair share of zeroes and truly understand some of your struggles right now. Fortunately, I have some tips that might be useful as you approach the end of your term.

· Get a catch-up plan

This might be your first time hearing this but you can actually get a catch-up plan from your teacher if you are behind schedule. If you are like me and cannot work without a proper schedule, then the catch-up plan is for you. A catch-up plan will be like a course calendar altered to your situation to ensure that you finish your assignments (including your due assignments) on time. The teachers want to help you complete your assignments before the end of the final day to submit work so do not ever feel like you are alone in the course. Make sure to contact your teacher before it is too late!

· Focus on those zeroes

Your first priority right now should be trying to pace yourself with the calendar because missing assignments can affect your grade tremendously. Try to focus less on earning extra credit because that cannot replace the points you lose from the assignments. Extra credit points are only worth 5% of your final grade so even if you earn all of the extra credit points but missed a number of assignments, it would not help to boost your grade significantly.

· Do not forget to study for your finals

After working hard to submit everything on the last day to submit work, you do not want to waste your effort by performing terribly on your finals and lowering your final grade. Revise a little every day before your finals because psychological studies show that students do better on their exams when they have studied over a period of time compared to cramming everything on one day. Do not rely on the semester review sessions to fully prepare you for the finals. You should make the initiative to revise on your own.

· Prioritize

It is during the end of the term when your organizational skills really come to play. Sometimes, you get stuck in situations when both options seem equally important. For example, you have two class connects happening at the same time and one is a unit review while the other covers tips on writing essays. Which one would you choose? During these times, you need to think about whether you need one more than the other? Or would it just be better to not attend either and focus on completing your due assignments? Knowing your priorities well will help you make the right decision. If you need help on making such decisions, ask your Learning Coach or anyone that knows your academic progress well.

You have worked hard all semester and you definitely deserve a good grade! Keep working hard and enjoy your Winter Break. If you are behind, make full use of this break to catch up. You have full control over how your semester will end so make it happen!

(To those who were in Fall Term 2, congratulations on making it till the end! Enjoy your break because you deserve it! J )

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