K¹² International Academy Student Offers Tips on Dealing with Failure

Dealing with Failure

By Janelle Chuah

Failure: it is a word that carries a negative atmosphere, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Failure is not an easy thing to accept, but since we experience failure as part of the learning process, we should learn to deal with it to make the best out of it. As a senior, I have experienced failure in many of my courses. For example, when I do terribly on a test or get a bad grade on a written assignment. Though it is difficult to accept the fact that the bad grade affects our chances of earning a certain grade in the course, we should try to view the failure as a learning experience.

One day, as I was browsing the Internet for some inspirational quotes, I came across a quote which I found really motivational,

“Write it as a failure, but read it as an experience. – Unknown”

In other words, we can’t change the result of an event, but we can change how we view that event.

The moment you find out that the result is not something you expected, you feel disappointment. Even moments later, that feeling might still linger in your heart. Though it is alright to feel that way, you should try not to keep that feeling in your heart too long because it can affect your work in the future and your attitude overall. What you want to try to do is quickly move on from that event. One thing I do to move on is to I tell myself,

“There’s nothing you can change about it”,

“What’s been done is done”,

“Let’s make the best of the remaining opportunities/quizzes/tests.”

Basically, what I try to do is focus my mind to look forward and picture a bright future instead of lingering in the past and reminding myself of my failures.

Everyone experiences failure and if you deal with it correctly, it can change from being your breaking point to your stepping stone. Don’t ever feel like your future is gone based on a few events. Simply think about it this way, that one event of failure is just a tiny spot on the timeline of your line. Instead of thinking about that failure, think about the remaining parts of your timeline that you can fill with success. I learned in sociology that many teens failed to see the bigger picture in life which is why they are usually not able to accept failure easily. The ability to look at things from a bigger perspective isn’t entirely impossible for a teenager to acquire, but it takes time and experience to develop which is why as we grow up, we mature in our perspective. If you are currently feeling as though you are in a slump like everything is going wrong, do not worry and simply take things one at a time. Try your best, take pride in your work, learn from your mistakes, and look towards a bright future!

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