K12 International Academy Alumni Jasmine Chuah

Interview with an Alumnus: Jasmine Chuah

By Janelle Chuah

Jasmine was a student at K12 International Academy for 5 years before she graduated. When asked what the biggest lesson she learned in K12 is, she replied,

“I learned to take ownership of my education, craft my transcript, and build my resume and character.”

She realized that being in an online school has trained her to think for herself and get used to making decisions. She also added that the support she received from the teachers and Academic Coaches made it easier for her to make the right decisions. Because of the wonderful faculty and staff at K12 International Academy, she learned to be independent and therefore, she adapted to the college environment quite easily. Another thing she learned was to manage herself well,

‘no one is going to say “do this right now” or “this is due today/tomorrow” and so you need to learn how to pace yourself and take initiative while you are in high school.’

During her high school years, she did not quite know what she wanted to do in the future and was worried. However, she mentioned that when she spoke to the College Counselors, she realized that the years in high school is a time for one to explore and discover one’s interests and strengths. There’s no need to be afraid, instead, she insisted,

“ one should spend time expanding your appetite for learning. For some, by the time they are in college, they still don’t know what they want to do, but at least they know their strengths, weaknesses, and passion.”

Before the interview ended, she shared a tip for current students at K12 International Academy,

“Be in the driver’s seat and work with your X team which consists of your parents and teachers. Use the advice from your support group to help guide your decisions. Discover your options and possibilities while you are in high school and try not to limit yourself.”

Jasmine Chuah, a Malaysian graduate of K12 International Academy Class of 2014, is currently a freshman at Drury University, in Springfield, Missouri. Her desire to serve in Malaysia politically and make a difference by improving the political system has influenced her to major in Political Science.

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