5 Tips to Help with Student Stress

Seniors Perspective: Dealing with Stress and Pressure

By Janelle Chuah

Stress and pressure are two things that you will face at some point in your lives, maybe during your high school years or when you are a fresh graduate looking for a job. Since we can’t escape from stress and pressure, the only thing we can do is react in a positive way. But how do we react appropriately? You might try browsing the Internet, asking your parents, contacting your AC or teachers for answers, or just continue reading this post. Here, I will share with you five tips and strategies that will hopefully, help you to deal with stress and pressure better.

1. Let it out

You might find talking to someone about what you are going through a little uncomfortable, but it is a good idea to find someone whom you can trust, maybe one of your siblings or your closest friend, and share with him or her the struggles you are going through. Though talking doesn’t exactly solve anything, it does help you to clear your mind and lighten your burden. When you let it out, you realize that the pressure has lessened and you are not going through your struggles alone.

2. Take things one at a time

Pace yourself and aim to deal with one thing at a time according to your priorities. You might want to write down the issues that you are dealing with and decide on what is your next action. For me, when I get stressed about presentations, assignments, and clubs all at once, I try to write down specifically what I have to do and pace myself. Writing is also great as it ensures that you do not forget anything important during that tensed moment because when you are really stressed, you might find that your memory capacity deteriorates. You might even consider journaling or keeping a diary.

3. Discover your interests

What do you like to do? What’s your passion? What makes you happy? Think about these three questions and keep the answer(s) in your mind. That answer could be the key to releasing all the stress and pressure. Doing something I enjoy always allows me to release my stress and find some enjoyment in my life. I’m not a person that extremely loves the outdoors (it’s probably due to the fact that I get mosquito bites more often than anyone else) so most of the day, I will be in my room. Sometimes, I just like to get out of my room and do a project, whether it is a baking project or completing a puzzle. What makes me happy is getting out of my room and doing something out of the ordinary. Think about what makes you happy, maybe it’s reading or running, and do that! You will find yourself feeling happier.

4. Motivate yourself

It’s no surprise that sometimes the fire to work inside us just burns out, especially when you have been working really hard. Thankfully, there’s a way to revive that fire. All you have to do is motivate yourself. Now, you might wonder, why I chose the word “yourself” instead of saying “get motivated.” I say “motivate yourself” because nobody knows what motivates you best than yourself. People may say things like “Look on the bright side” or “Be strong!” but we all know that those words doesn’t work all the time because it’s just not effective in certain situations. So find out, what motivates you? Be your own cheerleader and maybe try going to the mirror and talking to yourself (And no, there’s nothing crazy about that). If you want some motivation tips, be sure to check out my previous blog post on how to stay motivated.

5. Do not worry too much

It’s good to have worries because it keeps us “on our toes”, but worrying too much is unhealthy. Sometimes, we just need to understand that worrying doesn’t solve anything and only makes things worse. Worrying leads to overthinking and overthinking leads to nightmares. Always try to remind yourself that the world is not going to end and whatever happens, happens, as long as you try your best, you should have no regrets.

Dealing with stress and pressure appropriately isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. With practice, you will learn to cope better so keep working hard!
If you are dealing with a lot of stress and pressure in school right now, feel free to contact your Academic Coach or one of your teachers if you are facing difficulties with a specific course. You are not alone because they are there for you.

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