A Learning Coach’s Perspective into Virtual Schooling

Let There Be Cake.

By Monica O’Donnell

Pencil is sharpened. No shavings on ground. Let’s celebrate.

Pledge of Allegiance is performed three of the five days of this week. Bring out the streamers.

Your child remembers how to spell their last name. Is it time for ice cream?

Two hours attendance is logged for a one hour math lesson. Come on!

Let there be cake.

It is all about the little festivals in your home, your school-a-la-mode, with your kiddos.

Homeschooling is hard. Badges of honor signed by President Obama should be mailed to us, like every week.

We are with our kiddos on the weekends, weeknights, and now we add every single second of the school day.

Forget passing them off to a local homeschool co-op. We do not have that kind of time. Our kiddos attend a real school, a private school, the K12 International Academy. We have a legit curriculum that even keeps me learning.


Homeschool parents, otherwise known as Learning Coaches, school all day–We cannot escape it.

In the car on the way to soccer, we are dictating what we will write in our history journal at the next red light.

Dinner time is now a place to discuss how the character’s interactions with the antagonist affected the outcome.

Recess is swinging on the play set chanting a Lois Stevenson poem. Sliding down the slide to the beat of “Engine, Engine, Number Nine.”

Spanish involves brushing our ratty tangles while making subject pronoun notecards.

People, we are for real.

We are a genuine, the real-deal virtual home school.

Not only can we celebrate our most recent composition conference score, parent teacher conference, or unit assessment average…

Not only can we shout from the rooftops that we attend an accredited school that is world renowned…

We can applaud the small things in our home…

The things that are not recognized in our Online School…

Such as, attend a class connect titled, “Today, work through your daily plan AND help locate the student guides, proper page numbers, and lesson title so your learning coach can prepare lunch.”

Those classes are not there.

I checked.

I see virtual “entertainment” classes…

Classes that should charge admission…

Classes where our students stay for 60 minutes.

My kids really do like those class connects, so thank you.

However, it would be really cool, if one time you could have a class connect about “Locating the proper material and page number so I can make a grilled cheese sandwich.”

In my home, we do not focus on being perfect and following the schedule to a “T.”

Things happen.

Elaboration is needed.

An extra hour is necessary for that one hour math lesson.

Guess what? That is okay.

Our school is flexible. The K12 International Academy boasts independent pacing, one-on-one instruction in study halls and Skype.

Small class connect teacher-student ratio to boot.

Make your schedule. Set your routines.

But, then let learning happen.

Experience the fun that homeschooling brings to the table.

Enjoy each other.

Celebrate the small victories.

Let there be cake.

You have earned it.

One Comment

  1. Monica, you hit the nail on the head. Sounds like my house. Unfortunately, instead of brushing out someone’s ratty tangles, I’m pulling out my own hair. However, this works to my advantage; I’ve been seeing way too many gray ones. Thank you again for the great article.


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