Our Next Summer Book


Our Next Summer Book

By Anna Peacock-McLaughlin

Welcoming the warmth of summer in our backyard hammock, I turned to my “hubs” and said, “We all need a perfect summer book.” Without delay, hubs swept my toddler off her feet for a trip to the local library, while I taught class. I was mesmerized as my preschool daughter returned home so excited to read her newly borrowed book in the hammock, that it got me thinking….Why are summer and reading so inter-connected?

My initial thought led me to the idea that summer heat invites us to read all summer long. Growing up in the south, I remember reading in rocking chairs with a fan cooling the warm summer air from overhead. I’d love to sit for hours as the sun warmed the pages and my soul. It would cause me to simply sink in my chair and melt right into another world. Alternatively, our hot, summer, outdoor play compels us to go inside from the blazing sun. Lounging in air conditioning with a book recharges our energy for our next outdoor adventure. Indeed, the summer heat, in many ways, encourages us to read!

Summertime is about vacation and about how novels can take us to alternate places. It’s well known that Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite books and one of the books in the K12 International Academy English B course. Every time I read it, I close my eyes and flee to Prince Edward Island. The sweat droplets of the summer sun on my face evaporate as I imagine walking beside the” lake of shimmering waters” as Anne so aptly names her pond. I recently reread Swiss Family Robinson, also one of our English B novel options. No joke, my mind shipwrecked on the shores with Father, Mother, Franz, and the whole gang. I am there. On the island. Chasing after the family monkey, with a banana in hand. The salty air tickles my nose, and my mouth is filled by the freshly harvested seafood. Much of our lives, our true vacations are wherever a great book takes us.

The simple truth is…the sun warms our core, relaxes our minds, and helps us to escape reality.

Okay. So, maybe it’s 90+ degrees outside where you are, and the summer heat escorts you into a kicked-back state of relaxation. Maybe you are headed to the beach to soak up the sun, or you have a family trip planned at the lake. Even if you, are simply spending time lounging in your backyard, now is the time to choose the right book that will help you flee reality and unite with the characters on the page into a world that can be only enjoyed by you.

But wait! Before you choose your perfect summer read….think about this….You could choose a book to read this summer that will ease your school year. Yes, I said it. I said “school” and “summer” in the same sentence! Without the added pressure of other school work, summer beckons you to not only to be enveloped by the heat of the day, but by the plots that unfold on the page. Go ahead and get a running start into your virtual school by downloading the book list for your next grade level and jump into a beautiful place only created by summer and sun.

No matter where you are, you know that a hammock, like mine in the sunshine, is beckoning you to sit, relax and read a summer book.

What are you reading right now?

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