Father’s Day at the K¹² International Academy


Father’s Day at the K¹² International Academy

By Roey Hilliard

If you were like me you could have, and possibly did, spend hours scrolling through the pictures of father’s on Facebook, and Twitter this weekend. It made me think about the many father’s here at K¹² International Academy–They have added yet another job to their list of Daddy duties, a learning coach. Many of the Father’s here at K¹² International Academy have found time in their schedule to either help Mom with a particular academic subject after work, or, in some cases have taken the lead in helping to coach their child to success along with their teachers. These extraordinary Dad’s may manage multiple children while holding down an office job, or juggling work while at home. One of our Dad’s, a soldier overseas, offers help via Skype every night not just for his child but also his wife who is working with our award winning curriculum and speaks English as a second language.

The role of the Father is often overlooked in the virtual classroom, and this Father’s day, here at K¹² International Academy, we salute you! Happy Father’s day to our K¹² International Academy Dad’s!

Video by familyshare.com

For more about Father’s Day click HERE

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