Building Connections in a Virtual School


Building Connections in a Virtual School

By Jessica Sullivan

When I became a K¹² International Academy online teacher, one of the things I was afraid I would miss most about being in front of a traditional classroom was the connections that can be created when teachers and students are in a classroom together.  As a teacher and a coach, I was able to connect with my students on various levels whether it is through course content, the funny stories that showed their personalities, or helping them achieve their goals as athletes.

As a teacher, those connections are what meant the most to me about being involved with students.  Yes, test scores matter and of course, educating the future of our nation, but on a personal level, being able to connect with a student means so much more. What really makes me enjoy my job are the students that I get to meet and talk to each day!

When you realize that students trust you enough to tell you how they are feeling, when they come to you with problems or issues they are having, that shows they know that you care. And you know what? That’s the most important thing…that they know we care.  That someone cares.  No matter what their home life is, whether or not they have a good support system at home or not, students respond the most when they know you care about what is going on with them…that you care about what they are going through now and about how they can prepare for the future.

So, when I became a K¹² International Academy virtual teacher, I made it my mission to not lose out on those connections.  I think no matter if you are a teacher or a student, sometimes being in an online environment can make you feel alone.  But never fear fellow “onliners” – you are not alone and you can create those connections.

Be sure to check our school calendar for upcoming clubs and virtual fields trips!

Are you interested in seeing some virtual field trips past and present?  Check out our Pinterest Board!

The students (and teachers) here at iCademy are just as eager to engage as in a traditional classroom!  We are still proud of our students when they succeed, and are there for them when they did not do their best.

LISTEN UP STUDENTS: Your teachers want to get to know you! We want to learn about your hobbies and things you like to do.  We want to know if you are really excited about an upcoming trip, or that you want to be a veterinarian when you grow up.

Why, you say? Because YOU are what makes our job enjoyable! YOU are the reason we get up to work every day! YOU make our job not just a job, but a privilege.

So students and teachers, here is your challenge!  Strive every day to learn something new about your “counterpart.”  Even if the only thing you have in common is your love of dogs, then that is a start!  That is how we build relationships in an online environment, and that is how we make learning meaningful!

Challenge Accepted?!?!?!

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