K¹² International Academy Student Examines the National Honor Society

National Honor Society

By Kimia Pourali

The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization with chapters in schools all across the United States. Its purpose is to recognize students who are outstanding achievers and are willing to devote themselves to the Society’s core tenets:

· Scholarship

· Service

· Leadership

· Character

Students should be enthusiastic about education, devote time and effort for community service, be effective leaders, and have the desire to build their characters, and encourage such character development in the students of their schools.

Students must be tenth graders, and to meet the expectations for the “Scholarship” tenet, they must have a GPA of at least 3.0 (3.3, for K12 International Academy’s NHS chapter), and must maintain such a GPA throughout their membership.

So, what are the benefits of applying to National Honor Society?

First, members have access to plenty of tools and project resources which allow the members to collectivity enhance service learning skills and leadership development in their chapters. These skills and development can be used in members’ own communities.

One specific project resource is the National Student Project Database. The database allows users to filter projects by categories, including appreciation, ceremonies, fundraising, and green projects, among many others. NHS Chapters can also enter their service projects into the Outstanding Service Project (OSP) awards.

The chapters of NHS are generally great mediums of motivation, inspiration, and support for thriving fresh ideas on how to contribute to their schools and own communities. Students can form networks with community leaders, faculty, and local business leaders, all of whom may provide future references and recommendations, and even provide future internships and jobs. Through NHS, all the continuous required service work and achievement necessary for membership help students build up portfolios of all their accomplishments “that can be featured on applications for college and careers, as well as cover letters and resumes.”

Members also have access to conferences and workshops at both the state and national level. An example of this is Leadership Experience and Development (LEAD) Conferences. LEAD Conferences are weekend meetings that gather student leaders and advisers from across the nation to improve leadership and prepare attendees for leadership roles spanning from local, state, and regional levels. Common topics covered in LEAD Conferences include; combating issues such as bullying, drugs, alcohol, and teen mental illness, project planning, fundraising, idea-sharing, networking, community service, teambuilding, and healthy lifestyles.

A major benefit of membership with NHS is access to the NHS scholarship program, which will award up to $250,000 every year to NHS high school seniors, nationwide. The NHS Scholarship Program has been “providing more than $10 million in scholarship funds to outstanding NHS members.” The program has a few great categories. If you are interested, the categories are outlined on their website.

If any of this has interested you, thus far; then, you should consider joining iCademy’s chapter of NHS, run by Mrs. Lynn Gussman and Mrs. Jessica Dawson.

You must:

  • Be a full time K12 International Academy student
  • Have a sophomore standing (10th grade), at least
  • Have completed and passed at least five classes at iCademy
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.3, at least (based on all official high school records)
  • Identify leadership roles
  • Identify service, community, and other student activities
  • Identify any work experience, recognition, and awards
  • Provide a Letter of Reference
  • Write a short essay answering how being a member of NHS will contribute to your future goals

Here, at K12 International Academy, as a virtual school, student service work is somewhat ‘decentralized,’ and has greater focus on students’ own individual communities. Nonetheless, the iCademy NHS chapter still creates a (virtual) environment that promotes enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulating the desire to give back to communities, development of character, and advancement of leadership.

K¹² International Academy’s chapter of NHS, like others, also elects members for being President, Vice President, Secretary, and Editor.

Lastly, K¹² International Academy’s chapter of NHS also has its own newsletter. Members contribute to it by writing about their own service activities, providing advice and helpful quotes to other (non-member) students, and shedding light on various current events. This newsletter is k-mailed out to all students every month. Be sure to look for it in your k-mails!

This post is also featured in the K¹² International School Student News (iGlobe)

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