Tips For AP Exam Review

By Kristi Hartmann

Are you preparing for the Advanced Placement Exam?

It is the time of year when students across the world are rigorously preparing for their AP Exams. After all, a score of 3 or higher on these exams can enable students to earn college credits, depending upon individual university requirements. Successful preparation for these exams can be somewhat stressful; however, there are ways that students can alleviate this stress.

It is essential for students to have an organized study plan in place. This involves settings specific time aside each day to study. This studying needs to be in addition to the completion of the coursework in the AP course. Studying should take place during a student’s optimal learning time. Some students work well early in the morning, while others work better later in the day. In order for studying to be successful, students need to choose a time and place that is advantageous and free from any type of distraction.

In addition, it is important for students to complete practice exams. The AP Exams are timed, and timed tests can cause unnecessary testing anxiety in students. The more that students familiarize themselves with the content on the exam and the time constraints, the more comfortable they will be with sitting for a timed exam.

Most importantly, students need access to AP Exam preparation tools. The College Board website has wonderful study tips, as well as practice questions and exams for students to review. K¹² International Academy also has AP Exam Review courses and K12 has just released wonderful Exam Review apps, so students can access AP Exam Review content at their fingertips.

For more tips check out our K¹² International Academy Pinterest Board

Good Luck on your test!

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