Traveling with the K¹² International Academy program


Traveling with the K¹² International Academy program

by Anna Peacock-McLaughlin

Like many of you, I love to travel and eat foods from all over the world. In fact, when I was 11 I had the chance to visit Prince Edward Island, Canada see the Anne of Green Gables sites from the amazing books (also in the K¹² English A and B curriculum) by L.M. Montgomery. The character of Anne captivated me with her creativity, personality and larger than life red hair! One of my goals while there was to try some authentic Marilla Cuthburt Plum Pudding from one of the most hysterical parts of the novel.

In typical Anne fashion, she gets caught daydreaming of being a bride with a piece of cloth that was covering some plum pudding. You see, way back in the days before refrigeration, people used cheesecloth and pie safes to protect their baked goods from getting eaten by bugs and mice. You can only imagine what happened next…as the saying goes, “The proof was in the pudding!” Indeed, Just like the meaning of the saying, I was overjoyed when I was able to experience authentic plumb pudding myself! It was delicious and mouse free!

I know I’m not the only one who likes to travel, eat and experience! After three years of teaching at the K¹² International Academy, I’ve started to calculate how many frequent flyer miles my students accumulate throughout the year.….holidays traveling from Dubai to the states and back, moving from Singapore to Mississippi, sporting competitions in every place imaginable. Then, there are the students that are continuously on the road. Like the sports stars that have tournaments all over the world. The actors that are on locations. The expats that are always in search of the next adventure. “What can we do for school while we are traveling to (fill in the blank)?” has become a common question from my learning coaches and students. My answer is always the same! The proof is in the pudding! In fact, there are many flexible study options available to traveling iCademy students.

First of all, students can always read their next novel while traveling. Many of you already know, I’m an English teacher…so of course, I automatically think about reading! All of our middle school English classes have “choose your own” novels with many different options for your liking. If you know your family is going to be taking a longer than usual vacation, by all means, look ahead at the novel units, make a choice, buy, download or borrow the book. And just like that, the proof is in the pudding; indeed, you have a book for your student to read as you fly, float or drive to your destination.

Secondly, have you ever thought about “blocking” your work for a week or two? It’s easy. Instead of lugging every single one of your K12 books, choose one or two. Then focus on that subject only. Do a week’s worth of lessons every day. Once again, you can eat yummy pudding one little bite at a time so that you don’t come home to a mouse filled, rotten mess of assignments.

Last, but certainly not least give a schedule a try. If you know that you are going to be sightseeing for the day or if you know you’ve got matches every day at noon, start your day off right, every single day you are traveling, with an early morning dose of school. Two hours completed before the day of adventure begins helps make a HUGE dent in any plum pudding.

I must admit, I’m not foreign to the idea of traveling with iCademy. With a husband in the US military, I’ve had my fair share of travel and moving stories. In fact, some of you have Skyped with me while I was flying (literally in the air) from Florida to Washington state. I’ve driven from Oklahoma to Colorado while stopping at Starbucks to teach a class or two. Even more, my best travel story was written as I was attending an open house while at my husbands grandparents house. Why is that interesting you may ask. Well, they don’t have internet. The truth is we, members of iCademy, find ways to travel with our school. Our school exists everywhere we go making easy. The proof is in the pudding.

Indeed, you have possibilities to continue learning even while you are traveling. Whether you travel to the location of your favorite novel from our curriculum, like I did when I was 11, or you travel to the hottest foodie destination, next time you pack your bag and start humming the John Denver classic travel song, “I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane,” know that your K¹² International Academy schooling can go with you. Are you ready? Get your plan! I know you are going find the proof in the pudding– traveling and keeping up with your studies is easy!


  1. Anna, this is a beautiful essay and thrilled my heart in the reading. You are a gifted writer as well as a marvelous, creative teacher. You brought memories back to that trip on which I also travelled, and it reminded me of all the joys we experienced in that beautiful Canadian spot. I will treasure any further writing you might send my way.


  2. Mrs. PM, this is the best I’ve read this week. Or maybe this month. And maybe all year. I’m currently your student, was Mrs. O’s last year; I’m a born Canadian; I’ve lived in different provinces all eleven years of my life, practically all my life; I’ve been in Saudi Arabia for just more than a year and a half; I’ve been to that stunning potato-province of a PEI, and I’ve loved it and all the jewels it had stored for me; I’ve treasured my dear Anne of Green Gables as my favorite book ever.

    The International Academy has been equally joyous.

    You and Mrs. O are my dual-favorite teachers. I’ll never forget you two. I’m sure I’ll never find another teacher like you two ever, another book like Anne of Green Gables ever, and another school like Our iCademy ever. I’ve saved this post. I love it.

    ~Can’t wait for your next post,
    Your student


  3. Thank you Anna! Thank you iCademy student above who wrote ! Something special maybe a little magical is happening at iCademy it seems to me. Gifted teachers creating beautiful and interesting ideas and challenging students with new ways of learning working in and “seeing” the world. Students explore while traveling enhancing their skills and learning through experiences in the real world.
    I live about an hour and a half drive from PEI which by the way had a huge snow storm last week and schools were closed for three days because of the white out conditions and the snow plows couldn’t get out. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables books and lore is beloved worldwide. I also feel lucky to have seen the pastoral landscape where the stories take place. You may not know that some people have felt that PEI has a magical feel when you are there. The trees look a little greener. The sand on the beach a little pinker. Maybe from the red clay in the soil. Funny last night when I was at a nearby second hand store, there were three or four Anne dolls of varying sizes with their red hair in braids and lovely green eyes. I thought about our proximity to PEI and the children who might have held the dolls and loved them and where those children might be now. I wanted to take one home to give to my great niece.
    Since we are talking about traveling and magic I have to tell you a secret. I have a big crush on Venice! I can’t quite understand it but wow I wish I could go live there. I have visited many times in my life St.Mark’s Square which Napoleon called the world’s most beautiful living room. I have glided down the canals of Venice’ s watery “streets” but the last time was about a year and a half ago. I was with my daughter and we went to the Peggy Guggenheim Art Museum. As we sat on Peggy’s original white leather sofa and gazed at a fantastic huge Jackson Pollock painting my daughter tried to explain to me her definition of post modernism. The saltwater smell and breeze drifted through the open widow as we sat in what was once Peggy’s living room looking at one of her paintings that she struggled so hard to acquire and maintain in her collection. It was one of those magical moments you often have when traveling to far from home places. It stretches your mind and heart through art or music or seeing another culture first hand with fresh eyes without bias. Thanks Anna and iAcademy for this magical moment in reverie. Here’s to your continued exploration with fresh eyes and learning around and in the world ! Here’s to the ordinary magic all around us that we can experience everyday.


    1. You’re right.

      PEI does have a magical feel, the magical feel. You don’t want to go away from there. You want to stay there forever.

      There’ve been tons of times when I was like Anne, when I’d wander freely through all the dirt-road nature trails and roads and wonder if there was ever a beautiful-er place than Prince Edward Island. I’d absorb myself into it.
      To say the truth, I’m so much like Anne. I’m imaginative. I’ve named tons of places more romantic names. I’ve been known to be talkative when it comes to talking and big words when the opportunity comes to use them. I’ve my own thoughts about everything and I venture to talk them off to my mom or my best friend. I guess I would be Anne’s best friend if I lived during her time, but now I’m just her best friend through Lucy’s book.

      PEI’s magical. But guess what? iCademy’s better than Avonlea school.


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