Just go with it…

By Monica O’Donnell

Just go with it…

We all have them.


Some of us cannot see past our weaknesses. Some of us possess strengths but use them ineffectively. Some of us use them, but do not realize the power they harvest.

I have never been one to be the most organized, the one with the most initiative, the one with the most polished-perfect-grammatically-correct emails, but I know what my strength is, and I know I use it.

Whether it is in my neighborhood, church, grocery store, family, or school, I can make a connection with anyone. Also, the age difference doesn’t matter one bit. I like them all.

Working with students on a daily basis is my – favorite – part – of – the – day.

Out of the many stories I hold from 15 years of teaching, I am pulling out not a longstanding-still-going-strong story that for sure will back up my point, but a new one.

A story that I’m still working on.

A story that I yet to know the ending.

A story that I will share with you today.

Find your strength and go with it. Here’s mine.

It all started with a “happy dance.”

Me: I enjoyed working with you yesterday! I can’t believe you are about to be finished.

Student: Me too! Yay!

Me: Woo hoo.

Student: J

Now, times that by 94 exchanges since July…

[I’m waiting for the K-Mail police to scold me for breaking some kind of storage limit rule.]

Here was today’s picture…

Me: This is how I felt after today.

I am surrounded by such a talented staff that sometimes I feel defeated, not worthy, or not good enough. It is when I see this picture; I am reminded that I am doing just fine…

Me: Does this basket make my tail look big?

Why do I try to fit into a mold that is not me?

I should not only use my strengths, but flaunt them.

I should go with it.

Me: Poodles have the craziest haircuts!

Student: Aww! I know, right?

To create a community, a school, a place that is loved, cherished, and maintains high retention rates; we must boast our qualities, features, skills, wit, orderliness, intelligence, and dependability and – go – with – it. We must trust that together we will build that bridge, form that relationship, make that connection, extract the epiphany, focus the muddy waters, support the deficiencies, and then together, we can sail into a solid relationship where the student flourishes.

Me: Now that is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Which one are you?

Student: Uuuum I think the sheep? 😛

Which one are you? Which strengths do you possess? What skills do you bring to our community of learners, to our families? Do you know what you have? Do you flaunt it? Do you lay down your puzzle piece and help pave the road to success? You do not have to make everyone laugh, everyone smile, everyone smarter. You just have to do your part. Whatever it is…Just go with it.

Student: I’m so excited!!! I start school on Wednesday!!

Me: Woo hoo! I can’t wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, find your strength, your gift, your talent, and…

Me: hang your hat on that!

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